Automotive Identity

The blockchain-based digital identity platform for people and things across the entire OEM ecosystem.

Vouch Automotive Identity is a complete digital identity and access management platform that enables trusted identities for cars, devices, services, and the people who use them, allowing them to do more.

A network of trust

Digital identity for the entire mobility ecosystem.

Designed for the automotive industry, Vouch builds on blockchain technology to enable digital identity for cars, devices, software, and the people who use them, creating entire networks where every connecting person or thing can verify the other to provide scalable, trusted networks.

Trust reciprocated. Build confidence in the software-defined vehicle.

Protecting the vast array of devices and software responsible for critical operations across the connected car, Vouch enables components and devices to verify and authorize each other, building bi-directional trust that allows them to do more.

Identity in the driving seat. Create personalized experiences connected to unique profiles.

User profiles connected to the head unit through digital keys provide personalized experiences that differentiate between drivers and passengers based on their location.

The power to connect. Build trust between the vehicle and just about anything.

Reciprocal identification enables connecting parties to fully trust each other, enabling secure connectivity from one vehicle to another (vehicle-to-vehicle, V2V) and the systems around them (vehicle-to-everything, V2X).

Scaling identity to the edge. Secure trust in Edge computing connections.

From sensors to devices to data, Vouch can ensure the integrity, security, and privacy of connections and data across Edge computing systems, allowing manufacturers to build trust when operating at the edge.

Over-the-air everything. Open the airways to manage connected mobility at scale.

Securing connections within, to, and from vehicles, Vouch enables manufacturers to ensure that everything from data to software can be transmitted remotely, over-the-air safely, securely, and privately.

Federation support. Connect and integrate emerging standards-based networks.

Vouch can establish identity ownership and bridge functionality between proprietary and standards-based systems such as Connected Car Consortium (CCC) via Apple and Google, allowing manufacturers to develop powerful platforms that can power multiple solutions.