We’re a people-centric company working to create a meaningful impact, and we believe that the best way to do it is by providing a space where they can be their authentic selves.

A place where innovators can thrive and grow

Our ambition from the start was to develop a company that not only embraced change but could thrive on it and affect it. We knew that we wanted to build a workplace that could embrace true diversity and harness it to drive change. An environment where people could experience the freedom and autonomy to make decisions and contribute where they believed they could make a difference.

Our independence gives us the freedom to provide a space where our people can show their skills, take risks, inspire, and drive each other to build the best possible solutions.

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We are high-functioning, agile, solution-focused, transparent, and honest. We focus on the best possible solution and adapt to embrace change.

We empower our people to drive our innovation process

Every idea we have, each new feature we think of, any problem or risk we identify is recorded and shared with the entire team to allow everyone to react and contribute. We don’t design or solution behind walls, and everyone is encouraged to share their work.

We don’t believe in job titles or exclusive areas of responsibility, and no one is confined to a single role. Anyone in the team can engage and show their skills or express interest in acquiring new ones by taking on new tasks. There are governance roles that can and do make final decisions to keep us on track, but we don’t believe in a hierarchy limiting the distribution of responsibilities.

Every person at Vouch has a seat at the table, each member has an equal say, and all perspectives are listened to and equally valued – this is core to our working principles.

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Our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion to build meaningful impact shapes the way we work.

01 People above process

We invest heavily in our people, empower them to make decisions, and take ownership to deliver the best possible results.

02 Follow the change, not the plan

We build with speed, agility, and a willingness to pivot to pursue the best possible products and solutions.

03 Show your work

We believe in showing over telling. We prototype, test, and refine at speed to deliver tangible concepts and solutions.

04 Sharing is caring

We value ideas, thoughts, and collaboration over ego and encourage everyone to share their perspective.

05 Take risks

We’re not afraid to roll the dice. By taking chances, we allow ourselves to break the rules and make real change.

06 Enjoy the journey

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re in it for the journey, not the accolades.