Driven by identity

Unlock the full potential of digital car keys with digital identity and mobile.

Vouch Key Automotive is a complete digital car key platform for manufacturers, enabling them to build trust, open doors, and transform experiences.

Proof of identity

Proving identity with blockchain and device biometrics for greater security and better experiences.

Combining blockchain technology with device biometrics, Vouch provides proof that identity data has not been tampered with or altered in any way since being issued and that the digital key user matches that data. With an established identity, Vouch digital keys unlock more than just doors.

Everything connected. End-to-end digital key solutions for automotive OEMs.

Vouch hardware, software, and services combine to enable manufacturers to deliver identity-driven embedded and aftermarket digital car key solutions.

Better connected. Digital key hardware built to do more.

Combining UWB, BLE, NFC, CAN, GPS, and LTE, Vouch provides class-leading connectivity and compatibility that can power any number of digital car key use-cases.

Change everything. Digital key apps that transform the entire experience.

Manufacturer, dealer-specific, and consumer apps transform the way vehicles are secured and operated from the factory to the dealership, to ownership, and beyond.

Open access. Digital key technology that opens the door to new use cases and business models across the entire mobility ecosystem.

Designed to power digital key use-cases across the mobility ecosystem, Vouch provides flexible tooling to allow vendors to access the potential of the digital key platform, providing integration into fleet, rental, and other third-party platforms.

Connect without constraint. Technology that works with CCC digital key systems then takes things further.

Vouch works with standards-based digital key solutions such as CCC-driven Apple and Google products while providing capabilities above and beyond the scope of these systems, enabling manufacturers to deliver advanced proprietary digital key products alongside generic options from a single platform.