Vouch is a framework that enables offline-first systems to share security.

A set of composable tools that support deployments, data, and relationships that you own.

Composable components expose APIs, SDKs, and data streams that allow easy integration.


Vouch is backed by provable privacy and the decentralized fault-tolerance of purpose-built blockchain ledgers that issues access claims that can be verified offline.


Vouch encodes a shareable technology graph into a private blockchain ledger that issues claims that can be verified offline.


Data with a Vouch Seal can instantly be recognized offline by embedded hardware and trigger secure reactions.


Embeddable devices and lightweight software augment existing secure technology and enable access claims issued by the ledger and shared within collaboratives to be recognized offline.

New foundations for shareable security.


Offline-first design allows technology to work all the time while still embracing a connected world.


Vouch enables businesses and their customers to create access collaboratives that can self-manage offline-first access to the everyday technology that transports, supports, and shelters their lives.


Vouch enables the technology we trust to welcome us in, rather than force us to prove that we’re allowed.

Provable security

The ledger guarantees security against tampering through byzantine fault-tolerance and provable audits, issues offline-first verifiable claims that conceal PII, and complies with the GDPR right to be forgotten.


Sealed claims can be verified on devices with limited compute power and while concealing data from the outside world.

Trusted security

The greatest risk to secure systems is people. Require configurable in-person endorsements to grant users sensitive permissions and ledger cluster quorum approvals for transactions.

Create durable relationships between your customers and the technology they share.

Identity Recognition

Issue sealed identity claims that offline-first devices can instantly verify allowing them to securely recognize and react to relationships without third-party mediation.

Controllable Sharing

Create granular personas and conditional rules for sharing the access and use of technology.

Metered Access

Mediate the access and use of technology within time frames, spend limits, and user personas.

Assignable Ownership

Issue digital titles and grant offline-first rights that can be shared, rented, and revoked according to agreed upon terms.

Be recognized by the technology we share.

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