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Vouch is a next-gen identity platform that builds on blockchain technology to enable complete trust in the identity of people and things.

A modern foundation for building identity trust

Combining a unique method that ensures every identity (person or thing) is vouched for on entry with blockchain's immutable data technology, Vouch delivers a modern foundation for securing, managing, and authenticating identity to build complete trust in today's interconnected world.

Designed for today's hyper-connected world

Vouch is an identity security platfrom built on blockchain to address the challenges of today's hyper-connected world. With traditional, centralized, certificate-based systems vulnerable to attack and lacking the features needed to build the trust needed to deliver the secure and personalized products and experiences we demand, it's time for a new approach.

Vouch features at glance

Verified identity

Identity is verified at every stage, from enrollment to the system and at every step after that to ensure that every single identity is authentic.

Decentralized structure

Built on blockchain, cryptographic identity data is distributed across a network of independent systems to remove the risk of compromise.

Offline authorization

With proof of identity secured locally, authorization and operation can occur completely offline.

Complete privacy

No personally identifiable information is ever shared or exposed to ensure privacy and compliance at all times.

Agreement by consensus

With no single authority, multiple independent systems must agree on outcomes to ensure complete trust.

Organizational identity

Identity can be applied at an organizational level, with role-based personas providing different levels of authority and new members can be vouched for by existing members to enable new business models.

Easy to scale

Without the complexity of a certificate-based system, scaling with Vouch is fast and simple.

Powering innovation for everyone, everywhere

We believe that trust should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. To build a safer, more secure, interconnected world. Whether you're a startup or enterprise, Vouch can be configured to help you to build trust in every product and experience.

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Our process

Trust connects us. It's our driving force. It's at the heart of everything we do. We build trust to power interconnectivity, and we apply that thinking to everything we do. When you partner with us we work to build a trust, and we do that by listening to you, to understand your goals and challenges. WWe work with you to develop concepts, then build out a solution that achieves your goals.

1. Explore

Understand your goals and challenges

We work with you to fully understand what you're looking to achieve and understand the challenges you have in getting there.

2. Create

Identify and develop a solution

Together, we'll identify where Vouch can help you most and develop a proof of concept to illustrate how the solution works.

3. Build

Launch your innovation to the world

Supporting you every step of the way, we work with you to realize your goals and ltake your innovation to production.

What would you do with complete trust?

We’re already solving identity use cases for some of the world’s leading brands, our technology offers developers unlimited potential to build new, innovative identity experiences that were previously out of reach. What will you build?

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