To change things, you have to do something different

Designed to foster innovation, our culture is as unique as the people that make it.

Open Positions

We're a company created to innovate, and we believe that the best way to do it is by enabling our people to be their authentic selves, so we created a workplace designed around them.

Our ambition from the start was to develop a company that not only embraced change but could create it. We knew that we wanted to build an environment where people could experience the freedom and autonomy to make decisions and contribute wherever they believed they could make a difference. So that’s what we did. Our independence has given us the freedom to create a space where our people can show their skills by taking risks, inspiring, and driving each other to be creative in the pursuit of better solutions.

Take a seat

Every person at Vouch has a seat at the table. While there are governance roles that can and do make final decisions to keep us on track, we don't believe in a hierarchy to limit the distribution of responsibilities. Each member has an equal say, and all perspectives are listened to and valued.

Make an impact

We don't believe in job titles or exclusive areas of responsibility, and nobody gets pegged down into a single role. Anyone in the team can engage and show off their skills if they believe that they can make an impact somewhere.

Show don't tell

Every idea we have, each new feature we think of, any problem or risk we identify is recorded and shared with the team to see, react and contribute to. We don't design behind walls or solve issues there either. We take pride in what we do, so we show our work freely.