The Vouch digital car key fob expands our digital car key ecosystem to allow for more options when it comes to accessing and sharing access to a digital key enabled vehicle.

Digital key technology in a familiar format

Bridging the gap between smartphone based digital car keys and traditional key fobs, the Vouch digital car key fob builds on the familiar key fob format to enable our digital key technology to be utilized in situations where using a smartphone might not be appropriate or feasible.

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Designed to be quickly set up and programmed, the Vouch car key fob offers more options for providing digital key access.

A programmable, intelligent digital car key fob

Managed through thew Vouch digital key app, our digital car key fob can be quickly programmed with permissions and restrictions applied on an individual basis by the owner. The owner continues to maintain control over the fob and can instantly update settings or revoke access via the app at any given time.

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Removing the risks associated with existing car key technology to increase security and provide new capabilities.

Secure key fob access with next-generation technologies

Combining digital identity capabilities with emerging location aware technologies such as Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth AoX, we're able to remove the risks associated with existing key fob technology, and ensure that only authorized and authenticated users are able to use the digital car key fob.

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Enabling digital car key access and control without directly requiring their their smartphone.

Digital key access away from the smartphone

Providing the same benefits as our smartphone based digital keys, owners can choose to utilize the digital car key fob alongside their phone, providing them with greater flexibility including the option to access their car whilst leaving their phone behind.

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Providing even more options for sharing digital key access with any number of individuals and organizations.

Extended options for sharing digital car keys

The digital car key fob can be configured in seconds and passed to a third party to share vehicle access in a fast, secure and convenient way, ideal for situations such as valet parking, vehicle servicing and other scenarios where sharing digital keys via smartphone may be difficult or impractical.

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Extending the Vouch Key trusted network to ensure that digital car key fob interactions are authentic, authorized and secure.

How the digital car key fob works

Similar to today's smart watches and wearables, the digital car key fob is paired to a smartphone which is then used to provide authorization and allow the fob to operate.

The digital car key fob can be programmed to operate within a specified distance from the smartphone, and certain operations can be configured to notify the owner and even require further authorization to ensure security.

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