Building trusted connections — our digital identity assertion solution enables us to verify the identity authenticity and authorization of a person or device to enable digital interactions that we can trust.

Digital identity for digital keys and beyond

Developed to enable secure connections for our digital keys, Vouch Identity offers infinite possibilities and potential use-cases for providing access to any number of security-sensitive applications and services.

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Vouch Identity creates a technological link between a real entity such as a person or device and its digital equivalent.

Connecting people and devices

When we establish the identity of a person and link that identity to a device in a way that cannot be modified or changed then we can trust the device to act on that persons behalf and provide it with greater responsibilities — unlocking a car for example.

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Connecting trusted identities to power innovation. By connecting people and devices whose identity can be trusted we unlock new opportunities for innovation.

Innovating on trusted connections

As well as verifying the authenticity of a persons identity, we can also establish identities for devices, allowing us to trust them more when we communicate with them. When we connect trusted identities we open up a secure channel of communication and can start to innovate with each entity able to verify the identity authenticity and authorization of the other and trust the actions they are requesting of each other.

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Built on blockchain. Providing groundbreaking benefits for securing information, blockchain data cannot be changed, allowing us to trust data in digital transactions.

Building trust on secure data

Blockchain holds many benefits for securing digital identity. As a decentralized database of immutable records, data is secured in a way that cannot be modified allowing us to trust the validity of that data.

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Creating frictionless experiences. When trust is established we can build truly frictionless user experiences. By enabling our devices to vouch for us we can provide instant access to both the digital and physical worlds.

Enhanced user experiences

With our devices able to act on our behalf we're able to develop new and innovative user experiences such as enabling our smartphone to act as a digital key and provide access to our cars.

This is only the tip of what can be achieved with a Vouch Identity. Capable of asserting identity to virtually anything, the opportunities for this technology are infinite.

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