Vouch Key is a digital identity and digital key platform that transforms the way automotive OEMs secure, operate and protect their vehicles from the factory to ownership and beyond.

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Organizational level digital keys

Most current digital key solutions only focus on a single use case. Vouch Key enables digital keys that can be used at an organizational level, allowing keys to be passed along the OEM lifecycle before eventually being transferred to an owner.

A versatile digital key platform that can connect to a wide range of solutions, emerging standards and services to provide manufacturers with a stable, core platform that can allow for multiple hardware options and use-cases.

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Interoperability and compatibility

Vouch Key enables OEMs to take advantage of and connect to emerging digital key standards e.g. CCC (Connected Car Consortium) without compromising the core platform , providing secure, convenient, universal interoperability across platforms and devices.

Driven by identity. Vouch Key incorporates our blockchain secured digital identity platform to enable us to build secure, trusted connections.

Digital identity for digital keys

By establishing a persons identity linked to a device in a way that cannot be modified or changed, we're able to trust that device with greater responsibilities. Our digital keys ensure that the digital key user is who they claim to be, enabling us to build better connected experiences.

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Innovating on trust. Developing frictionless, enhanced user experiences with location aware technology to enable vehicles to recognize and adapt to digital key users based on the devices they carry.

Enhanced user experiences with Ultra-WideBand (UWB)

Combining our digital identity capabilities with advanced, location-aware technology such us Ultra-WideBand (UWB), we're already evolving the digital key to identify users and unlock the vehicle as they approach and customize settings based on their seat locatio, all without requiring them to produce their device at any point.

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Convenience and efficiency through smartphones and devices

Our smart device apps work across iOS and Android devices to enable users to identify themselves, manage their digital keys and tailor their experience, all from a device already integrated into their everyday lives.

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Easily integrated into existing OEM hardware, apps and automotive technology stacks.

OEM integration, compatibility and interoperability

Designed with automotive OEMs in mind, our software development kit (SDK) enables our digital key ecosystem to be easily and quickly integrated into OEM systems and connect to other solutions, standards and services to provide a long term platform for digital key growth.

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