Unlocking the full potential of the digital key with Ultra-WideBand

As a user experience focused brand, we wanted to develop a digital key system that presented a truly magical experience, allowing us to access and interact with our vehicles automatically reacting as if they new it was us and behaved accordingly. With Ultra-WideBand, we’re realizing that goal.

As early adopters of this next-generation technology, we’re already able to build location-aware digital key systems that react to users precise location relation to the vehicle. Able to detect the exact position of a digital key user, our digital keys are able to unlock vehicles (even the specific door) automatically as the user is within a specified range of the vehicle. Conversely, we’re able to lock the vehicle as the user moves out of range.

This pin-point accuracy also allows us to detect when multiple keys are present and identify which seats are occupied by which users, allowing us to tailor experiences for each, setting preferences automatically.

We’re excited by the experiences Ultra-WideBand is enabling us to bring to our digital keys and we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible with this new technology.