Deliver tailored, VIP experiences to every single guest with ultra-secure blockchain-powered identity and digital hotel keys.

Open doors and transform experiences

Placing ultra-secure identity technology at the heart of the guest experience, Vouch Hospitality enables complete trust in the authenticity of every user to enable innovative, tailored experiences at every touchpoint, from booking to arrival to their stay and beyond.

Next-gen hospitality identity experiences

Remove the complexities and risks of traditional, centralized, certificate-based identity solutions and build on the next generation of identity security. Combining a unique onboarding process that ensures the identity of every guest, then secures that identity using blockchain, our technology provides new levels of protection to enable innovation.

  • The world's most secure digital hotel key
  • The world's most secure digital hotel key
  • The world's most secure digital hotel key

The world's most advanced digital hotel key

The Vouch Digital Hotel Key places identity at the heart of every stay. Our blockchain-based secure identity technology means that only genuine guests can access facilities, and experiences can be tailored to the individual. By placing identity at the heart of their stay, every aspect of the experience can be tailored to make every guest a VIP.

Vouch Digital Hospitality Key features

End-to-end solution

Vouch is a complete, end-to-end platform for building identity trust. Our software, hardware, and firmware are designed and developed in-house to offer everything you need to build trust in any product or experience.


Our state-of-the-art technology provides new levels of security, solving the vulnerabilities of today's centralized, certificate-based identity solutions.

Works offline

Our unique system enables identity to be verified locally between entities. Each party is able to directly verify the identity of the other, removing the need for internet connectivity to authorize access.

Access sharing

Our digital keys enable shared access with anyone. From family and friends to third parties. Our unique solution shares access by providing users with their cryptographic identity. Each share is programmable by the owner so that customized access can be shared, and revoked instantly.

Location aware

Using state-of-the-art location-aware technology including BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and UWB (Ultra Wide Band) enables us to create unique experiences based on the proximity and direction of travel.

Organizational identity

Enabling identity to be applied to an organization and empowering that organization to delegate trust to its employees allows us to provide value in new ways and enable new models.

Intelligent access

Placing identity at the center of home security enables new levels of personalization and automation.

User profiles

Place identity at the center of the vehicle to create unique personalized experiences. With our digital key, we can pass the user profile to the head unit on entry to enable new levels of convenience and personalization.

Identity beyond the hotel

Able to build complete trust, Vouch enables identity to extend beyond the hotel to power new levels of convenience, such as connecting to fleet vehicles.

GDPR/CCPA compliance

With no personally identifiable information shared or exposed at any point, we can ensure privacy and compliance.

Identity onboarding

Identity onboarding is secure, lightning-fast, and friction-free. Verification of identity at enrollment can be tailored to provide the right level of verification to suit the circumstances.

Limitless opportunity

With Vouch, the digital hotel key is just the start. By placing identity at the heart of every stay, we can use that identity to unlock new, first-of-a-kind, innovative experiences. Imagine your guest being able to select a car from your own fleet of vehicles and use their digital key to gain access and rent that vehicle for their stay. With complete trust, the opportunities are limitless.

What would you do with complete trust?

We’re already solving identity use cases for some of the world’s leading brands, our technology offers developers unlimited potential to build new, innovative identity experiences that were previously out of reach. What will you build?

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