Vouch Identity

The trusted identity platform for building unique connected experiences

Vouch Identity is a complete, identity authentication solution for storing, authenticating and sharing digital keys that enables users to easily and confidently use their smart mobile devices to access the connected world around them.

Trusted identity authentication for digital car keys and beyond

Vouch Identity enables users to authenticate themselves easily and securely using their mobile devices. Once authenticated, their devices can then “vouch” for them, confirming that they are who they say they are and authorize access to virtually any digitally connected device, system or service acting as their own digital key.

Designed for everyone from organizations to individuals

Reliable, robust and scalable, Vouch Identity can be used to provide and manage access to devices, systems and services for individuals through to entire organizations with the capability to manage any number of digital keys. Primary ownership is allocated to a single entity in all cases providing complete central control over who can do what and when at all times.

Convenient, secure authentication using human biometrics

With full platform biometric support including Face ID and Touch ID technologies Vouch Identity provides secure easy-to-use authentication in an instant, without the need for passwords and with no identifying data given away or put at risk at any point.

Offline access capable to ensure access is always available

With authentication verified by the users mobile device and no passwords required, Vouch Identity can continue to operate offline, ensuring that access to devices and systems is available at all times with no risk of lockout.

Share resources — devices, systems and services without risk

Vouch Identity enables owners and selected users to share access to resources with others, providing them with their own individual digital key via their own mobile device granting them access without the risk of compromising the primary account.

Instantly share access with anyone, from anywhere, at any time

Vouch Identity can instantly share access with anyone, from anywhere, at any time, remotely or in-person by simply sharing a link (e.g. via SMS). When the recipient accepts the invitation by clicking on the link they’re able to authenticate themselves using their own mobile device which then provides access acting as their own unique key.

Limitless sharing potential with configurable keys

When sharing access with Vouch Identity, each key can be individually configured to include specific parameters that detail exactly how and when it can be used. In addition to standard access provisions, custom parameters can also be applied, enabling unique customizations for any number of applications.

Share time restricted keys to allow access only when needed

Setting time based parameters Vouch Identity can provide access only when the owner permits. Time restrictions can be applied in any number of ways, from explicit start and end times and dates, to recurring windows or expiring after a set period time from activation.

Protect resources with the ability to revoke access in an instant

Vouch Identity enables access to be instantly suspended or terminated at any time, configurable to provide owners, other shared users, organizations or other entitled parties with the ability to disable and secure access for any number of reasons maintaining security at all times.

Require verification for specific actions

With Vouch Identity, certain actions can be configured to require additional verfication before and/or after execution. From requiring users to re-authenticate using device biometrics to requesting approval from an owner or other user, verifiable actions ensure security and accountability for all critical actions.

Multi-user approvals that keep all parties aligned

Vouch Identity is also capable of employing quorum based approvals, enabling even more ways to approve access or actions between multiple parties. Instant notifications are automatically sent requesting approval, enabling relevant parties to either approve or reject to ensure agreement before proceeding.

Know exactly who did what and when with tamper proof audit trail

As Vouch Identity provides each and every user granted access their own individual digital key authenticating their identity, any actions taken are recorded against the key providing irrefutable proof as to who did what and when. Built on blockchain, Vouch Identity ensures that logs cannot be tampered with, ideal for regulatory compliance.

Easily integrated into just about anything

Built to be flexible, Vouch Identity can be seamlessly integrated into other applications via an SDK or as a standalone app. With support for standard IAM protocols including OIDC, SAML2 and FIDO2 it can be used to provide secure, identity based access to virtually any device or system.

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