Biometric Login

Vouch Identity

Rethinking login for today’s era of hyper connectivity.

In today’s connected world, digital devices and services blend seamlessly into our daily lives, yet, the many ways that we login and confirm who we say we are is at best inconvenient and at worst unsafe and insecure. Combining human biometrics with blockchain storage, Vouch Identity solves these challenges, providing a simple, safe and secure way to login to virtually and digital device or service.

Improved user experience

Simple, frictonless experience for users providing instant access without the need to remember login credentials.

Reduced costs and improved security

Remove the costs and risks of password storage and management with Identities based on strong cryptographic proofs with no central database.

A user focused, frictionless experience from the start.

Vouch Identity offers a breakthrough experience in identity access onboarding, removing the need for lengthy registration, login and verficiation processes using frictionless biometrics. Onboard customer and employees to your apps or enterprise systems instantly via SMS, email or in-person with nothing but a phone number.

Create accounts in only three on-screen taps and one biometric check.

Total End to End Transaction Time : < 30 Seconds

Step 1

Invitation is sent to the new device to onboard to app.

Step 2

Notification and Biometric permissions are requested.

Step 3

Customer Biometric is checked and account created.

Step 4

Customer now has access to the app. No passwords, ever.

Game-changing innovation for redefining the human digital experience.

Knowing exactly who or what we are dealing with is a prerequisite of all communication and exchange. Proving that we are who or what we say we are during digital transactions and interactions provides a game-changing opportunity to shape the human digital future. Built from the ground up using state of the art technology, Vouch Identity enables us to fully resolve our digital identity.

Authenticate using human biometrics

Full platform biometric support including Face ID and Touch ID via mobile or custom devices.

Zero knowledge proofs

Zero Knowledge Proofs grant access to valuable actions or assets without the need to share data.

Offline access to devices

With no passwords required, cryptographic based identity provides access to systems at all times.

Tamper resistant audit logs

Logs that cannot be modified provide an audit trail that you can truly trust, ideal for regulatory compliance.

Quorum approvals

Protect critical actions using quorum approvals with instant notifications linked to identities.

Support for standard IAM protocols

Full support for standard IAM protocols including OIDC, SAML2 and FIDO2.

Frictionless login solution for simple, safe and secure identity access.

Providing frictionless login for virtually any digital service or device, Vouch Identity can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications via an SDK, or employed as a standalone app, offering rapid development and reduced time to market.

Example applications

Enterprise System Login

Remove passwords from enterprise systems and SaaS solutions, reducing the costs and risks of password storage and management.

Customer app authentication

Provide a frictionless experience for your customers while protecting their data and accounts from compromise.

The all-in-one platform for navigating the connected world.

More than just a login tool, Vouch Identity is a complete digital authentication platform that can be extended to provide additional capabilities, offering new ways to digitally manage, share and verify our identities to redefine the human digital experience.

Vouch shared access

A breakthrough sharing experience for users, friends and family offering shared access without the risk of account compromise for fast, simple and frustration free sharing of digital services and devices.

Primary user control

Primary user has full control of access at all times.

Privileges assignable per share

Limit features on a user-by-user basis.

Instant revoke of shared access

Instantly remove access to a shared resource.

Time limited access

Time limitations can be assigned to shared resources.

Remote sharing

No need to be with owner during share.

Onward sharing capability

Offer onward sharing with full audit trail.

Biometric approval

Uses biometrics for setup and key actions (e.g. sharing).

Complete audit log

Identifiable profiles for each share.

Vouch workflow approvals

Simplify, standardize and speed up approaval processes to drive efficiency with, frictionless, instant approvals whilst ensuring accuracy with an immutable audit trail for regulatory compliance.

Policy based workflow logic

Policy based workflow logic

Verifiable actions

Critical actions verifiable before & after execution.

Provable actions

Protect high value assets via provable workflow actions.

Instant notifications

Receive notifications for approval requests.

Instant approvals

Instant approvals using human biometrics.

Quorum approvals

Critical actions protected by quorum approvals.

Immutable policies

Immutable policies protect workflow logic.

Immutable Audit

Immutable Audit for regulatory compliance.

We’re only just getting started.

As we move into an era of unprecedented connectivity, being able to digitally attach information to a proven identity offers game-changing opportunities and we’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do with Vouch. Want to know more about what we’re building?