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Vouch Key is a complete, end-to-end digital key solution that replaces the traditional, physical key fob with mobile device based digital car keys to provide unique opportunities for revolutionizing the way people interact with cars.

Designed for OEM’s, owners and everyone in between​​

From manufacturers, logistics and sales, to fleet, rental, vehicle owners and beyond, Vouch Key provides a platform that enables advanced features, personalization and new use cases that can be seamlessly integrated into the connected car experience.


With seamless integration into the manufacturing process, the initial manufacturers ownership link is set between the ECU and the VIN number providing organizational staff with access.


During transportation, ownership is transferred to the logisitcs company allowing for ease of movement whilst ensuring security and providing accurate tracking on route.


Upon taking delivery, ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the dealership with staff provided with access, maintaining security with a full audit trail of interactions.

New ownership

As the car is sold, ownership transfers to the customer and all previous keys are revoked ensuring that the new owner alone has access with the option to then share their own keys.

Family and friends

The vehicle owner can share keys with family and friends with just a few taps of their mobile device, with access and function permissions enabled on a user-by-user basis.

Third party access

Time and use restricted keys can be shared with third parties such as valets and servicing organizations, set to activate only upon approval and expire after use or revoked at any time.


As well as streamlining key management and the process of sharing and revoking keys, fleet organizations are able to take advantage of ongoing data collection to optimize activities.


Rental companies are able to share time restricted keys remotely, ahead of time, enabling them to provide more flexibilty and streamline the rental process.

Supports iOS and Android CCC based key services

Vouch Key enables you to take advantage of iOS and Android CCC (Connected Car Consortium) based digital key services, offering secure and convenient, universal interoperability across platforms and devices.

Full replacement for the smart keyfob

Vouch Key replaces the smart keyfob with a secure digital key via smart phone or wearable device, opening the door to new use cases, features and personalization.

Access vehicle

Unlock/lock the vehicle using an authenticated smart phone or wearable device employing device based human biometrics to maintain security at all times.

Start engine

Enable mobilization of the vehicle using the start/stop button when an authenticated device is within a specified location inside the vehicle providing improved user experience.

Custom functions

In addition to providing standard key functions, Vouch Key can be customized to enable access to and control of other vehicle features offering brand new experiences.

Authentication using human biometrics

Vouch Key enables people to access and mobilize vehicles easily and securely using nothing but their mobile phones. Using device based human biometrics such as Face ID and Touch ID, Vouch Key enables users to instantly authenticate themselves proving that they are who they say they are to gain access to and control of vehicles nothing but their mobile phone.

Access the vehicle even when offline

As authentication is provided by the users device biometrics, authentication of passwords or other cloud based information is not required ensuring that the digital key continues to operate without an internet connection.

Securely share keys with family, friends and third parties

Vouch Key enables owners to share keys with family and friends, even third parties such as valets and servicing outlets, providing them with access using their own mobile device based digital key, removing the need to provide a physical key enabling greater flexibility and control over who can access what and when.

Instantly share vehicle access to anyone from anywhere, at any time​

Owners and selected users can instantly share access to vehicles with anyone, from anywhere, at any time by simply sharing a key from their mobile device. The recipient can then use the shared key from their own device instantly.

Enable functionality on a key-by-key basis

Each shared key can be configured to provide access to only the features that the owner permits, from standard access permissions, to custom options, Vouch Key can be configured to provide complete control over how and when shared keys can be used.

Example use case
Enabling access to the cabin without the ability to turn the engine on for younger family members.
Example use case
Enforcing maximum speed limits for certain drivers.
Example use case
Providing access to the trunk only for courier services needing to deposit or retrieve packages.

Time restricted and single use keys for third parties

Keys can be shared with time based restrictions providing owners with the ability to share time sensitive keys that grant access during a specific window of time only. Combined with other permissions, time restricted keys enable Vouch Key to enable greater sharing flexibility and use cases.

Example use case
Providing servicing outlets with access for the duration of an appointment.

Protect the vehicle with the ability to instantly revoke access

Vouch Key enables owners and entitled users to revoke access and disable keys instantly at any given time, from any location without the need to be in proximty to the vehicle for any number of reasons. 

Example use case
New owners can revoke all previously shared keys ensuring the that they alone have access.
Example use case
Owners can revoke access for a particular individual that they no longer wish to have access.
Example use case
If a mobile device is lost or stolen, all keys associated with that device can instantly be revoked.

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