We build complete trust in the identity of people and things to power ultra-secure interconnected products and experiences.

Trust is fundamental to everything we do

In our increasingly connected world, trusting who or what we're connecting to is authentic, authorized, and hasn't been compromised is essential to providing the safe and secure environments we need to deliver today's enhanced interconnected experiences.

Traditional methods don't cut it anymore

You have a large (and growing) number of users, applications, and devices connecting across an ever-increasing network. The demand for innovative new features and personalized experiences is high, but confirming and securing every connected identity with traditional solutions is complex, resource-intensive, and, ultimately, too insecure to enable the trust you need.

Problems with centralized, certificate-based solutions

Complex to setup and resource-intensive to maintain

With many moving parts, traditional PKI systems are notoriously difficult to set up, requiring the hiring of highly specialized experts to architect and secure the numerous physical and digital systems needed. Once set up, maintaining thousands, even millions of certificates that need to be issued, renewed, managed, and revoked is no small task.

Weak enrollment process

Regardless of how secure a system might be, if the entry point to that system isn't secure, then any identity certified by that system cannot be completely trusted. With PKI systems, its many moving parts create a complex enrollment process where verification is weak and data can be easily intercepted outside of the system.

Multiple attack vectors

Single, centralized databases can be attacked where identities can be forged, entitlements elevated, and data maniuplated. Single, centralized authorities can be compromised with certificates maniulated. Single, centralized software deployments can be hacked. With PKI high impact, large scale attacks are a realistic threat.

Missing features

PKI cannot cater to many of the features demanded by today's interconnected world. Selective disclosure, offline authorization, trust delegation, organizational identity, verifiable device authorizations, and advanced recovery are some of the features Vouch offers that are missing from PKI.

  • A new approach
  • A new approach

It's time for a new approach

Combining a unique method that ensures every identity (person or thing) is vouched for on entry with blockchain's immutable data technology, Vouch delivers a modern foundation for securing, managing, and authenticating identity to build complete trust in today's interconnected world.

What would you do with complete trust?

We’re already solving identity use cases for some of the world’s leading brands, our technology offers developers unlimited potential to build new, innovative identity experiences that were previously out of reach. What will you build?

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