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The next-gen, identity-first security platform that builds on blockchain technology to provide secure verifiable trust in today’s hyper-connected world.

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Established in 2019 to explore opportunities in the connected technology space, we kept encountering the same problem - existing solutions couldn’t verify with absolute certainty that an identity (human or device) was authentic and authorized to establish complete trust in connectivity.

Solving this became our mission and our solution forms the basis of our platform today.

Secure verifiable Identity Access Operation Authorization Sharing Auditing

Vouch enables secure verification to create complete trust between devices, software, and the people who use them.

Our technology creates a framework of trust

Building on blockchain’s immutable architecture, our technology establishes verifiable truths to create a framework of trust.

And we build on that trust to change the way we secure and access the world around us

By establishing complete trust we’re unlocking new levels of security that we use to unlock new innovative experiences.


Drive new consumer-centric experiences across the entire automotive ecosystem with ultra-secure blockchain-powered identity.


Unlock intelligent, automatic access to homes, apartments, offices, and more with ultra-secure blockchain-powered identity and digital locks and keys.


Deliver tailored, VIP experiences to every single guest with ultra-secure blockchain-powered identity and digital hotel keys.


Unlock frcition-free, ultra-secure identity-centric access with digital badges for enterprise.


Provide ultra-secure access to the right people at the right time and maintain complete control and audit trails.

Our technology is starting to be used in products you can buy today

Rethinking identity & sharing for one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Building the hardware & software security of the future in the car of the future

What would you do with complete trust?