introducing Vouch
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A breakthrough blockchain-based identity and intelligence platform.

Vouch helps you create innovative applications and processes.

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Vouch's absolute trust factors make any application or process more intelligent.

Absolute Trust Factors

  • Identity Iconidentity
  • Authority Iconauthority
  • Authenticity Iconauthenticity


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Vouch technology enables new user experience and security possibilities for your applications and processes using:

  • Blockchain Iconblockchain
  • Smart Policy Iconsmart policy
  • Cloud Iconcloud
  • Smartphone Iconsmart device
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Vouch delivers certainty in any digital transaction, eliminating risk for human identity and digital authenticity amongst:


Zero Password

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Vouch Zero Password (VZP)

Vouch Zero Password

VZP is a human-centered blockchain identity system for login, authentication & identity protection.

Vouch Zero Password

VZP makes access to digital accounts as simple as picking up a smart device.