Digital access for people and cars

Vouch Key — The digital key and identity solution for the automotive industry.

Unlocking innovation across the entire vehicle lifecycle

Replacing traditional car keys with digital keys via smart devices, Vouch Key provides new, unique capabilities to enable innovation for logistics, dealerships, fleet, rental, delivery and customer ownership.

Take full advantage of iOS and Android CCC based key services

Supporting both iOS and Android CCC (Connected Car Consortium) based digital key services, Vouch Key provides secure and convenient, universal interoperability across platforms and devices.

Integrated digital key ecosystem for automotive OEM’s

From hardware to applications and services, Vouch Key is an end-to-end digital key solution for building and maintaining complete digital key ecosystems that seamlessly integrate into existing OEM hardware, apps and automotive systems.

Building trusted connections between people and cars

Powering digital keys is our Vouch Identity platform, a robust, reliable and scalable platform for storing, authenticating and sharing digital keys that allow users to easily and confidently use their mobile devices to access their vehicles and beyond.

Build trusted connections with Vouch

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