Unlock a safer,
connected world
without limits.

In today's connected world, protecting has become complicated, unreliable, and costly.


of breaches involved a human element. Incidents include stolen credentials, misuse, and error. 1


of data breaches occur in the cloud. Cloud breaches and complexity are on the rise. 2


of businesses say staying ahead of attackers is a constant battle and the cost is unsustainable. 3

1. Verizon - Data Breach Investigations Report 2022. 2. IBM - Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022. 3. Accenture - State of Cybersecurity Report 2021.

What if there was a better way? Access a simpler, more secure way to protect.

With game-changing cryptographic proofs, our platform provides new peer-to-peer authorization and verification capabilities that increase security and reduce complexity to let everyone feel safe.


  • Decentralized
  • Immutable structure
  • Verifiable data


  • Frictionless authentication
  • Peer-to-peer verification
  • Online and offline operation

Simple to use

  • Integrates with existing systems
  • SDK/API and white-labelled options
  • Scalable, for businesses of all sizes

The key to secure, verifiable interconnectivity.

Replacing the need for blind trust with endorsement and verification, our technology fundamentaly changes the way we protect to provide breakthrough capabilities for unlockcing better protected experiences.

Vouch Cryptographic Proof


Endorse and verify the identity of indivudals, organizations, people, and things, and deliver new identity-centric experiences.


Programmable sharing of physical and digital assets between peers, each with their own unique, verifiable identity.


Prove identity and authorization directly between peers to enable intelligent, online and offline verification.


Give authorization to people and thinngs, then verify that authorization continuously and without friction.


No personally identifiable information is ever communicated or shared, ensuring complete privacy at all times.


Verify and authorize using phones, watches, computers, cards and fobs to deliver new frictionless, connected experiences.


Verify any action with complete, immutable audit trails that ensure privacy and compliance.

Frictionless and continuous

Passive and active verification options provide new possibilities for delivering greater security and better experiences.

The better protected we are, the more we can do.

When we feel safe, we become freer. With continuous, frictionless verification, we can secure and protect to provide the freedom needed to explore and create innovative new experiences for every industry.

Drive new consumer-centric experiences across the entire automotive ecosystem with the worlds most advanced digital keys.

Access new levels of security and frctionless experiences with frictionless digital badges for enterprise.

Unlock mobility with frictionless verification and authorization for EV charging.

Identify, authorize, and verify at every step of the journey to open uphyper-personalized, friction-free travel.

Deliver personal, VIP experiences to every single guest with the world's mosr advanced digital hotel keys.

Unlock intelligent, automatic access to homes, apartments, offices, and more with ultra-secure blockchain-powered identity and digital locks and keys.

Opening doors for our customers, and theirs.

Rethinking identity & sharing for one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Building the hardware & software security of the future in the car of the future

A better connected world for everyone.