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A Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Identity

The biometric license that links identity to the transactions that unlock the autonomous future.

Authentication that works like the hologram on a driver’s license.

Vouch empowers organizations to issue biometric licenses that link identity to the transactions that unlock, monetize, and manage shared technology.

Our licenses encode an offline-first verifiable proof of their authenticity into the license itself - this is our cryptographic Vouch Hologram.

Be recognized.

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We used to be able to recognize our customers, employees and service providers face-to-face.

Vouch doesn’t give you a new identity. Licenses enable a device to represent an existing identity by anchoring onto the device’s native biometrics.

Endorsements to use shared technology are linked into a chain of responsibility, so that we can recognize who is responsible when devices act on our behalf.

We add identity to transactions, you remove fraud.

Face ID
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Vouch for the people (and AIs) you trust to use the things they need.

Biometrics licenses carry tokenized endorsements that encode credentials to access, use, or transact with shared technology.

They can act like a key, an access badge, a credit card, or anything that self-evidently represents our identity.

Vouch for others to act on your behalf.

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Access Badge
Credit Card

Real-time transactions that always work - in a garage, in a hurricane, on a mountain.

99.999% uptime is a promise that solves a cloud-down problem. Vouch starts from offline-first device-to-device cryptographic recognition that always works, even without internet.

Proving who you are, who you work for, and what you need to get your job done should never involve a 3rd party.

Keep it between us.

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As coworkers, vendors, and autonomous AIs act on our behalf, we need tools to recognize who is responsible.

Vouch is a framework of infrastructure, software, APIs, hardware, and SDKs to issue licenses, manage endorsements, and both passively and actively supervise identity-linked transactions.

Supervise Autonomous Commerce


Deploy organization-specific blockchain clusters with the decentralized authority to govern fault-tolerant data stores.


Issue licenses that link identity to the native biometrics within consumer devices or through vouch embedded hardware.


Endorse licenses with conditional rights to access, use, monetize and share technology.


Approvals, receipts, and revocations make visible the chain of responsibility for each immutably auditable transaction.

Transactions Linked to Physical Access


Offline-first access through device-to-device recognition of the Vouch Hologram.


Verify physical presence at the point of transaction including the full chain of responsibility.


Share tokenized credit to allow others to transact on your behalf.


Require in-person endorsements for sensitive account operations and transfers of tokenized ownership.

A Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Identity


Represent and act on behalf of the individuals, teams, and organizations that rely on you.


Be recognized by shared technology with the specific granular endorsements to use what you need.


Make purchases on shared credit lines and rollup aggregated payments receipts to supervisors.


Community-based recovery through in-person endorsement from the people that work alongside you, not someone in IT you’ve never met.

We're working with leading brands to reinvent identity for our autonomous future.

A Paradigm Shift in Thinking

Once upon a time, we recognized the people we did business with. The intersection of generative AI, digital transactions, and autonomous systems has created a world where we need a paradigm shift in the way we understand identity.

The Responsibility of Autonomy

Digital transactions have permitted fraud by design, but as artificial intelligence begins acting on our behalf within automated systems, the equation balancing fraud and growth is changing.

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