Building digital identity trust

Using blockchain to build trusted connections between vehicles, devices, services, and the people who use them.

Vouch is a digital identity solution for automotive manufacturers and tier-one suppliers that enables the identity of machines, devices, components, and the people who use them to be established and asserted across the entire mobility ecosystem.

Vouch enables digital identity for:


Provide persona-based identities for vehicle owners, family + friends, third party users, and many more.


Secure the Software-Defined vehicle (SDV), Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X), and beyond.


Leverage identity for organizations to improve existing processes and open new business opportunities.


Enable machines, devices, and components to prove their identity and authorizations in digital interactions.

Digital keys

Unlock identity-driven embedded and aftermarket digital car keys that secure cars and enhance experiences.


Apply identity across the entire mobility ecosystem from ownership to fleet to rental, and more.

Built on Blockchain. Building trust by removing the need for it.

Built on blockchain technology, Vouch enables people and things to prove their true identity and establish absolute trust in each other to create safer, stronger, and more capable relationships.

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Vouch hardware, software, and services work together to provide automotive manufacturers with everything they need to achieve digital identity connectivity across the mobility ecosystem.

Vouch Digital Car Key

Unlock the full power of intelligent mobile digital car keys.

Turn smartphones and related devices into intelligent digital car keys. Vouch Key Automotive is a complete digital key platform for manufacturer embedded and aftermarket use cases.

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Vouch Automotive Identity

Connect the entire OEM lifecycle with digital identity.

Build secure, enhanced, connected car experiences. Vouch Automotive Identity enables digital identity for owners, family, friends, organizations, employees, third parties, devices, and beyond.

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Vouch Digital Identity

Extending trust. Digital identity experiences that go beyond the vehicle.

We're already working on digital identity for the home, garage, parking, and more.

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