Building trusted connections between people and things for a safer, connected future.

Making digital security simple, safe and secure for people and devices.

Vouch is the next generation of digital identity management. An all-in-one platform that redefines how we prove that we are who or what we say we are during digital transactions and interactions. Vouch allows us to simply, safely and securely navigate the connected world, enabling us to prove identity and establish trust in claims made during digital exchanges.

Rethinking how we build trusted connections between people and things.

Using advances in technologies, Vouch radically changes the way that we digitally manage, share and verify personal information, providing a platform where an identity can be verified immediately, safely and securely in both the digital and the physical worlds with access granted without the need for passwords and with no identifying data given away or put at risk.

Human biometrics

No passwords or pin codes required with access to important actions tied to human biometrics.

Blockchain storage

No central CA and no master certificates ensuring zero risk of bricking your fleet.

Intelligent, frictionless connections for everyone, every thing, everywhere.

From providing a frictionless login solution for any and every digital service we use, to replacing keys in the physical world, Vouch provides a simpler, safer and more secure platform for connecting people to digital services and products, offering game-changing potential for redefining the human digital experience.

Biometric Login

Vouch Identity

Rethinking login for today’s era of hyper connectivity.

Automotive Identity

Vouch Key

Rethinking keys with provable identities for people and cars.

We’re only just getting started.

As we move into an era of unprecedented connectivity, being able to digitally attach information to a proven identity offers game-changing opportunities and we’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do with Vouch. Want to know more about what we’re building?