The offline-first framework
for robust shareable security.

Working with recognized brands.

We’re inverting cloud-down data-sharing, empowering devices to recognize trusted data without constant connectivity.

The internet made sharing easy, as long as you’re online when you need access.

Robustness is 100% uptime.

If it needs to always work, it needs to be offline-first.

Shareable access that works no matter what.

Vouch enables collaborators to self-manage offline-first access to the everyday technology that transports, supports, and shelters their lives.

Vouch provides embedded hardware and software that can still recognize offline.

Link your identity to the community with your biometrics.

Endorse family, friends, and renters with personas that give configurable access on your terms and your schedule.

If you lose your phone, recover your account with the endorsement of the people who trust you.

Be recognized by every collaborator every shared door, every shared device, and every trusted delivery.

We're already powering businesses across mobility, enterprise, and property, and expanding into gig work and trusted delivery

Automotive & EV Charging

Securely share granular automative access that always works with offline-first robustness. Meter access to EV chargers offline within convenient time frames, spend limits, and trusted parties.


Digital badges enable seamless identity recognition and access for employees and guests.


Endorse granular personas and share access through streamlined enterprise employee onboarding and maintenance, hospitality guest access and housekeeping, and be recognized like a friend at private rentals.

Delivery & Gig Work

Assign shift workers the temporary rights to use vehicles and equipment, create chain of custody for packages, and be recognized offline for entry at their destination.

Be recognized by the technology we share.

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