Vouch Key is a complete digital technology stack that delivers security, scalability, and compatibility to unlock the full potential of digital keys for automotive manufacturers.

Vouch Key

Unlocking the full potential of digital car keys.

Providing class-leading security, unparalleled compatibility and interoperability, Vouch Key provides automotive manufacturers with digital key solutions that can be tailored to include everything they need to realize complete digital key strategies that can be utilized across the entire mobility ecosystem.


Solving the digital identity issue we're able to build secure connections that can be trusted to free users from friction and enable new experiences.


Providing a framework that allows trust in digital interactions, our technology enables multiple use-cases across the entire mobility ecosystem.


Designed to integrate with automotive technology stacks, modularity, compatibility and interoperability provides OEMs with the solution they need.

In an area where security and convenience typically compete, Vouch Key solves the identity problem to build secure connections and enable trust to free users from friction and provide new user experiences.

Vouch Key

Trust — the key to better user experiences.

Solving the issue of digital identity trust, Vouch Key enables networks to establish and prove the identity of people, devices and organizations, exchange authorizations and control access to build trust in digital key interactions.

By connecting an identity to a device in a way that can't be modified or tampered with, Vouch Key allows devices to be trusted with absolute certainty, enabling smartphones and related accessories such as smart watches and wearables to operate as an extension of their user.

Identity authenticity

Able to establish and prove the identity of people, devices and organizations, we can ensure the authenticity of an identity in digital interactions.


Applying permissions to an identity in a way that can't be compromised, we can verify that connecting parties are authorized to carry out requests.


Leveraging the power of blockchain enables us to assert and authenticate identity that can be relied upon to provide absolute trust in relationships.

Flexible, modular, expandable, Vouch Key offers new opportunities for enabling trust across the entire software defined vehicle to provide a scalable platform for innovation.

Vouch Key

Driving the future of vehicle connectivity.

Able to establish and prove the identity of any digital asset, Vouch Key can be used to secure any aspect of the software defined vehicle and enable trusted device to device communication across the entire vehicle and beyond.

Components verify the identity authenticity and authorizations of each other. With Vouch Key, devices enjoy explicit trust in the actions they request of each other. This dramatically improves the security of operational systems. Peace of mind opens the door to high quality innovation.


Capable of establishing and resolving the identity and authorizations of any digital asset, we can to secure any aspect of the software defined vehicle.


Building on trust, we're providing opportunities for connectivity within, to and from any vehicle to enable new connected car experiences.


Creating trusted connections, we're removing friction and increasing response times to remove friction and provide better experiences.

Designed with compatibility, interoperability and modularity in mind, Vouch Key enables digital key solutions to be seamlessly integrated into automotive technology stacks.

Vouch Key

Flexible digital key solutions for automotive OEMs.

Every setup is different, so we built Vouch Key to be flexible. From complete end-to-end systems or tailored solutions that can fill the gaps in existing systems, Vouch Key is designed to offer OEMs digital capabilities where they need them most.

Compatible with proprietary and standards based systems and with support for multiple hardware options including Ultra-WideBand (UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near-Field Communications (NFC), Vouch Key can be seamlessly integrated in virtually any setup to help manufacturers realize their digital key goals.


Providing compatibility with proprietary and standards based solutions, services and systems, our technology can be easily utilized by OEMs.


Supporting multiple hardware configurations, our solution provides access to this new technology without the need for hardware overhauls.


Our modular design enables us to seamlessly integrate with automotive technology stacks to provide OEMs with the solutions they need.