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Vouch Decentralized Identity and Access Management (dIAM) Transforms your IAM with Blockchain Technology.

Vouch dIAM enhances your existing IAM

And solves for the foundational security issues facing every enterprise by:

Removing the single point of failure

Vouch’s Decentralized Blockchain Identity Technology means there is no central database to be attacked. Vouch eliminates today’s centralized “certificate authority” systems that use insecure user ID and password credential approaches.

Completely eliminating passwords

Vouch replaces passwords with Biometrics. There is nothing for you to remember. “You” are the password. Next generation multi-factor authentication security factors enable identity and security innovation potential. Employee experience and customer onboarding change from “frustrating” to “magical”.

Eradicating personal data storage

Vouch stores no Personally Identifiable Information (PII), exceeding GPDR requirements. Vouch Identities are protected by the same high-strength cryptography used to secure cryptocurrency.

Vouch is your enabler to Identity-based Innovation

Use Vouch to dramatically increase the security of your data and processes to build innovative products that surpass your competition.

Vouch Quorums

Enable more ‘human’ MFA security schemes with multi-party (or quorum) decision and approval transactional flows.  Approvals are achieved with simple SMS-based messaging, enabling broad decentralization of security.

Vouch Smart Contracts

Support Vouch identities with programmable, customizable permissions that enable trusted, traceable, transparent transactions between parties.  Now, every digital interface can be truly “smart”.

Vouch Personas

Enable roles and permissions to be assigned to human and device identities. “Vouching” enables a user to extend a privilege or access to another user.

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