We secure physical access offline.

Offline-first is our philosophy.

We believe technology should work all the time without tying us to systems outside our control.

Vouch began by providing embedded hardware and a framework for developing sharable digital keys for OEM automotive and is scaling to enable collaborative access of the everyday technology that transports, supports, and shelters our lives.

We are creating a world where every person in every collaboration can open every shared door, be recognized by every shared device, and receive every trusted delivery.


Security that disappears around us and lets us transition from offline to connected on our own terms.


Keep it between us.


Trust is built through the auditable observation of the actions we expect.


Natural, seamless, and smooth interactions driven by human experience.


Vouch was founded in Atlanta but our remote-first, international, and diverse culture allows us to hire talent-first with a focus on fit over function.

100 North Point Center East,
Suites 125 & 200,
Alpharetta, GA 30022 USA

Offline-first is people-first

Who will you Vouch for?

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