Computer scientists, engineers and digital pioneers, all focused on improving digital security for a safer, connected future.

A safer, connected future.

In an ever more digitally connected world, where digital devices and services blend seamlessly into our daily lives, proving who we say we are in the digital world has become increasingly difficult. With devices full of security applications, tokens and documents filled with usernames and passwords, managing our digital identities has become unreliable, and in many cases insecure and unsafe. Founded in 2018, Vouch began with an idea, an idea to solve this problem, an idea to make digital security simple, safe and secure for people and devices for a safer, connected future.

Vouch, a connected world of possibility.

As a group of people who love to share ideas and knowledge and expertise, collaborating to drive innovation and build breakthrough products, the best part of building Vouch is working towards a vision that we all believe in – “A safer, connected future.” Our vision and driving principles keep us all focused on our mission, forming the soul of the company which is reflected in every interatcion with us.

Our driving principles


Be real. We believe in working hard to deliver a game-changing product, experience and company. We are by nature a competitive company, but we compete by offering a better alternative, not by denigrating or otherwise undercutting the competition.

Passion to innovate

Computing is our shared passion; our calling is to evaluate and advance the state of the art, bringing those advances to the broadeast possible audience.

Authenticity and transparency

We’re honest, open and always transparent. We tell the truth at all times and maintain an ethos of being true to ourselves as well as our mission, communicating openly with others be they customer, colleague, community or competitor.


We feel a duty to things larger than ourselves. We don’t merely fulfill our obligations, but actively seek ways we can help.


Whilst we work with complex problems and solutions, we don’t hide behind jargon or self beneficial statements. We operate to make security in the connected world accessible to all through simplification.

We’re only just getting started.

As we move into an era of unprecedented connectivity, being able to digitally attach information to a proven identity offers game-changing opportunities and we’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do with Vouch. Want to know more about what we’re building?