Vouch believes that user credentials and digital identities are undergoing an important wave of disruption. The size and frequency of password-based data breaches continues to accelerate and companies are waking up to the exposure, fines, and reputational damage that inaction will inevitably bring.

Given enough time, a centralized password database will fall.

Vouch’s all-star team of computer scientists, developers, user experience and cryptography experts have solved the problems of identity protection, user authentication, and the evolution user identity innovation — with a simplified user experience built on the most advanced technology including blockchain, smart devices, cloud services, and innovative use of cryptography.

Vouch’s blockchain-based Identity Trust Platform provides a breakthrough for human and device identities – both in the areas of security and innovation.

Importantly, all this new technology quickly pays for itself in reduced IT support costs, and reduced cost of data breaches.

Founded in 2018, Vouch is an Atlanta-based technology company focused on helping global enterprises create intelligent applications and processes by eliminating human identity and digital authenticity risk.

Our Mission

To enable “absolute trust” between people, companies, software and digital devices.

Our Goal

To eliminate human identity and digital authenticity risk.

Our Approach

To help forward-thinking enterprises establish distributed identity as a foundational technology and competitive advantage.

63% of data breaches would have been stopped, or hackers would have been forced to change tactics if a suitable replacement to passwords had been used.


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