We build trusted digital connections

Our products and solutions establish absolute trust between machines, devices, software, and the people who use them.

We're a team of problem-solving designers, technologists, and product experts known for innovative design, cutting-edge tech credentials, and a passion for delivering the best possible solution.

17 strong team

We're a fast-growing mix of skilled and experienced people from diverse backgrounds united in delivering meaningful impact.

3 years in business

Founded in 2018, we're a startup formed of industry-leading veterans and emerging talent with proven track records.

7 collaborative timezones

Spread across 3 continents and 6 countries, we form a single team, all working together towards the same goal.

100% distributed team

Operating from a virtual office, we connect the best global talent to realize the best global products and solutions.

$0 in funding

Entirely self-funded, our independence provides us with the freedom to experiment and evolve our products without restrictions.

1 Anthony Maley Shekhar Shastri Mike Fikes Kristof Sajdak Daniel Donoghue David Nolen Stijn Opheide Michelle Lim Heather Haylett João Paulo de Souza Soares Raphael Ribeiro Bernard Labno Maxime Vincent Bil Herd Sen Fernandez

Natural collaborators, we share in our achievements together, but we never forget to celebrate the individuals who make us who we are.

We're on a mission to build products and solutions that transform what's possible and have a meaningful impact on the world.

Built to innovate

It started with the goal to explore and build digital products in emerging connected tech spaces. We assembled a group of leading specialists and began to look for opportunities. We explored many ideas but kept facing the same problem – a lack of trust.

How could we trust that a human identity connecting to a device is who it should be? How could we trust that a device we want to connect to has is not compromised? And, how could two devices that want to discover and connect trust each other?

We focused on solving this problem first, and as we did, we realized that the solution we'd designed could not only become our product, but more than that, it could lay the foundation for countless more.

Today, our digital identity and digital key solutions create secure, intelligent connections and experiences for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. Still, we continue to ask ourselves, "where can we make a difference" and continue to enhance our offering further and engage with other sectors.

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When you want to build something great, you surround yourself with the best, so we assembled a team of exceptional people who, together, are the key to our success.